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, Why wooden sash windows?

Why wooden sash windows?

Sash wooden windows are distinguished by interesting design and comfort of use. They are also durable and solid – so they are worth assembling in our homes and apartments.

Profiles of currently produced windows are created as a result of gluing three or four layers of wood with an alternate grain pattern. The profiles constructed in this way are resistant to warping, i.e. they do not bend under the influence of moisture changes in the surroundings. What is important, during the production, natural defects of wood are removed, such as knots or resin blisters, thanks to which the windows are not only naturally beautiful, but they will serve us for many years.

Durable and durable – for many long years

The wings and frames are connected in the corners to the spigots with a strong waterproof adhesive, which allows to keep their stiffness and stability of shape. In order to prevent moisture penetrating in place of joining, it is additionally sealed with a flexible joint. It also emphasizes the low thermal expansion of wood – which affects the stability of dimensions and is particularly important for large windows that are used in our climate in conditions of frequent fluctuations and large temperature differences.

In some windows, all wooden elements are covered from the outside with aluminum cladding, which extends their durability up to 50 years.

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