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, Giving new life to an old wooden door

Giving new life to an old wooden door

If we are already deciding to paint the door, they are usually already worn out wooden doors. Compliance with weather conditions affects that they require periodic maintenance. A good sign that the time has come to paint is the delicate abrasion and cracked surface of the coating covering the wood. Then the renovation should be started before the paint begins to peel and lose its tightness until water penetrates deep into the wood.

Before we start painting:

  • Secure the door locks, sand and dust the surface
  • The most convenient way is to take the door off the hinges and position it on a stable and convenient place for painting
  • It is best to disassemble or secure (eg with painting tape) woodwork equipment elements, such as handles, fittings etc. If the woodwork is painted without removing them, the wings should be immobilized by inserting a wedge under them.
  • The air, surface and paint or varnish temperature must not be below + 5 ° C, for some products the temperature must be above + 10 ° C.
  • The color of the primer should be the same or as close as possible to the color of the topcoat.
  • It is important to properly plan painting, for example, the window frame is painted starting from the upper parts.
  • In the case of painting wooden surfaces with semi-transparent products, the final color of the wood will depend on the type of wood, color and hardness and the number of layers applied. It is recommended to carry out the test on a small area.
  • When applying semi-transparent products, guide the brush along the grain pattern to achieve a consistent final result.
  • Before use, the product must be mixed thoroughly, then allow 15 minutes to get rid of the air bubbles from the paint.

If there are scratches or holes in the wood, we have to fill them. To fill the voids is a wood putty that perfectly imitates the wood, and due to the solidity of the quartz meal, it gets the right hardness, allowing further processing. Apply the product with a 4mm thick metal spatula. The mass dries for 2-3 hours. If the loss is large, we apply the second and subsequent layer after the previous one has dried. After filling all voids, the substrate should be sanded with abrasive paper and dusted thoroughly.

The product is applied with a brush, roller or tampon. We pick up a small amount of paint and paint from top to bottom along the grains of wood. By making long strokes, we get a smooth, evenly covered surface. We apply 2-3 layers of the product at 12-hour intervals, performing intermediate sanding with 320 grit paper. Thoroughly vacuum the surface after each grinding.

After applying the last layer of the product, we do not grind. The surface obtains full immune properties after a minimum of 7 days.

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