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, Wooden, aluminium or uPVC – making the right choice for you

Wooden, aluminium or uPVC – making the right choice for you

Should you choose aluminium frames for your new windows (or doors), wooden frames or is uPVC a better option? It’s not always a straightforward choice, so you’ll need to consider the following when selecting the best material for your home.


PVC windows are currently the most common on the market. They are made of high-impact polyvinyl chloride. The interior of the profile is divided into chambers with thin walls. The more chambers there are, the less heat escapes through the profile. To improve the thermal insulation of profiles, IKD technology is used, i.e. filling the chamber with foam. To strengthen the durability and stability inside the profiles, galvanized steel or glass fiber reinforcements are used. Window profiles are divided into classes defining the thickness of the internal walls of the profile.

Wooden windows

They are universally considered elegant and noble. They are usually made of pine, oak, larch wood and meranti – that is exotic wood. In order to provide a better statics, glued wood is used. The factory is finished with acrylic paints or covering or varnishing varnishes, which ensure the drawing of the rings, as well as resistance to changing weather conditions. It is also possible to have a two-color window – from the outside, a different color, while from the inside it is different. Some manufacturers use aluminum overlays to protect the most exposed parts of the profile. Wooden windows should be cleaned at least once a year, while maintenance should be carried out after 5 to 8 years. In the case of wooden windows, the thermal properties will be the better the wider the window frame will be.

Aluminum windows

These are windows that are known primarily for their durability and durability. They impress with their attractive appearance, as it is possible to make really large glazing from them. Aluminum is a light and rust-resistant material used in bold projects that stand out for their avant-garde or modern character.

Unfortunately, aluminum, as a metal, is a guide. Both heat and sound. Therefore, in itself, it exhibits very unfavorable insulation parameters. How to use the positive aspects of aluminum windows, without losing money on heating bills or bad silencing? The answer is windows with aluminum cap, so PVC-aluminum and wood-aluminum.

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