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, How to check up on your sash windows?

How to check up on your sash windows?

The first thing to check is that your windows still actually open smoothly. Make sure that they remain open when you want them to, and don’t close unexpectedly. We don’t often have our windows open during the colder months of the year which can lead to a host of problems including damage and rot.

Traditional wooden sash windows are susceptible to the elements which can lead to damage. When moisture is absorbed from the air, the wood can expand slightly making the sashes stick together and be hard to open. Weights, sash cords, hinges and handles should also be checked. Your window should be in perfect working order. If it is not and you put up with a ‘semi-operating’ sash window, then it will continue to deteriorate, eventually leading to an expensive bill. Call in MD Sash Windows and Building Service experts to restore your window to full working order.

Your sash windows are more likely than not to be made of timber. As timber is a natural material, it is susceptible to wear and tear and damage by the elements. The outsides of your sash windows have been battered by wind, rain and maybe even snow all winter, after all.

Give the wood a really good check by prodding it with your fingers to feel for any softness. This could be a sign of damp which needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.. Give the frames of your sash windows a really good examination. Even the slightest crack in the surface can be a sign of the start of a more serious problem. Also look for patches where the wood has softened – this is one sign of damp. Again, do not leave your windows be if you find any sign of deterioration – they will only get worse. Get the help of an expert sash window restoration team.

For all these issues, contact MD Sahs Windows and Building Service. We are always ready to provide assistance and service to your sash windows.

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