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, Preparing windows for winter

Preparing windows for winter

Winter is coming

Winter is the time when our sash windows are exposed to strong wind, frost, snow and low temperatures. However, you can prepare them for these sometimes extreme phenomena, so you won’t have to worry about any damage. This will ensure a flawless appearance and smooth functioning, while allowing you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house and reduce heating bills.

Firstly – washing

Even before winter starts, sash windows should be thoroughly washed. Dust on them is a breeding ground for microorganisms that gradually destroy the protective layer of the profile. For washing, use only cleaning agents or water with a washing-up liquid. Under no circumstances should we reach for sharp scouring powders that can scratch the glass and frame, also causing irreversible discoloration. You can also buy special glass cleaning cloths in stores. The best are soft materials without seams, you can also use paper towels for cleaning. Rough and stiff cloths are not suitable for cleaning windows.

Secondly – technical condition

Another issue is the technical condition of sash windows, which will be much easier to assess when the windows are clean and all possible defects can be seen. It is worth checking all moving parts and finding out if they work correctly and smoothly. If you notice any shortcomings, it is best to call a specialist who will adjust the fittings, door handle and screws. Leaking windows will cause significant heat loss, which can also affect our wallet. Moving parts and hinges can be greased with technical Vaseline or silicone based grease.

Thirdly – the seals

Winter is a difficult test for gaskets in the frame and window frame. At the stage of choosing windows, it is worth paying attention that they are made of good and durable materials. Damaged seals do not protect against moisture and allow cold air to enter the apartment from outside. Therefore, before winter they should be properly maintained – it’s best to use glycerin or special preparations based on silicone resins. Particular attention should be paid to the seals at the bottom of the frame, which are most exposed to dirt and damage.



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