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, Simple home repairs

Simple home repairs

It can be difficult to get started on home repairs, especially if you have already got used to the fact that some things do not work. Sometimes such repairs take up to several months, even though they only take 5 minutes to complete. Sometimes we delay because we do not know how to deal with a given problem (but for sure we do not want to pay a specialist for something that we should be able to do). No matter what the reason is, these small home glitches can cause a lot of frustration and we can feel as if our home is about to fall apart. However, you have nothing to be afraid of, because below you will find 8 of the most common household faults and ways to fix them quickly and easily.

Dripping water in the toilet

The most common reason for this is a leaky rubber seal that allows water to flow from the tank to the toilet when the water drains. There is a simple and inexpensive way to remedy this, but first you need to make sure that it is the gasket that is causing this problem. You can do this by pouring food coloring into the water tank. After a few minutes, if this dye begins to drip into the shells, you can go to the store and buy new seals.

Repairing holes after photos

Cover the holes after hanging pictures, filling them with previously mixed putty with putty. After the mass dries, smooth it with a sponge. If you do not have the same paint as you previously painted the wall, then do not worry, because you can match a different color by bringing samples from the store.

Changing the position of the gutter

If water is falling from the gutter of your house’s foundation, it may cause later problems. Buy a special drain pipe that will extend the gutter and move it away from your home. You can bury the pipe or leave it on top – just remember to make sure that the water is poured as far away from your home as possible.

Sticky windows

If your windows have been painted over, make a crack in it with a penknife. Then take the spatula and put it in this slot and hit the spatula with a hammer. If the window still won’t open, you’ll have to use a crowbar to pry the window from below. To prevent damage, put a small piece of wood between the crowbar and the window sill.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure can be caused by many reasons, and their solution can be something as simple as adjusting the reduction valve. This valve is bell-shaped and is placed where the water pipe enters your home. Loosen the nut and then twist the bolt on the valve to improve water flow. By moving it clockwise, you increase the water pressure, and moving it counter-clockwise decreases. Make a half turn and check the effect. Repeat if necessary.

Dripping tap

Depending on the cause of the problem and the type of tap, the repair method may vary, but most often the cause is a worn cap or gasket. If you have a separate tap for cold and hot water, turn off each one individually to see which causes the water to drip. Once you know, close the appropriate valve and remove the tap to replace the seal or cap. If the tap is old, think about replacing it.

Creaking door

Most people will grab a trusted product, WD-40, at the moment, but this is not the best method if you care about lasting effects. WD-40 is good for cleaning metal parts and preventing rust, but use a silicone spray if the door is squeaking. Its smell is not strong, and the door will not creak for a long time.

Clogged drain

The next time your drain is clogged, buy a special device to unclog it. Insert it into the drain, twist and remove. It works faster and better than chemical agents, and is also safer for the environment and your health. In addition, it is a reusable tool. Old sealants in bathtubs, toilets or taps are unattractive. Fortunately, they can easily be replaced. First, you need to apply a seal removal preparation and leave it for a few minutes, as it is written on the package. Then scrape the silicone with a grinder, then apply a new silicone and smooth it with your finger.

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