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, Rotting wood windows and moldy frames

Rotting wood windows and moldy frames

Both rotting and mold in wood window frames are a result of moisture being allowed to come into contact with the material repeatedly for a prolonged period of time. It is not always possible to replace windows with new ones. If they are historic, they sometimes have a great sentimental value. If the wooden windows are in good condition, you can carry out a thorough renovation. You will restore your former splendor with a low amount of money. See how to do it according to the detailed instructions.

Find the cause and rotten fragments

The first step is to find the cause of the poor condition of the wood. In addition to atmospheric factors, it can also be influenced by biological factors (fungi, bacteria and others). They must be eliminated before repair. Rot can not always be seen at first glance, especially if the item is painted. This does not change the fact that the decomposition process of wood can slowly proceed just below the surface. The first and simplest test for rot is a stronger pressure on wood. If it bends a little – it seems a bit spongy and springy – it’s likely to begin to rot, even if it doesn’t crumble. Consider repairing this item. In the case of wood painted with varnish, a darker color of rotten areas is another sign. If you are unsure or want to see how deep the rot is, you can try to push a thin-blade knife into the wood. If it gets into the wood very easily, then you can be sure that it is rotten and the time has come for repair.

Can rotten wood be saved?

You must first determine how much the item has rotten and whether repairing it is enough or whether it can be replaced in full. To do this, you need to remove all the rot, to find out what the extent of the repair will be. The most damaged pieces can easily come off when you move them with your hand. Then you need to scrape the rest. Use coarse sandpaper or a wire brush for this. Remember to remove all dust particles and patches of old paint. How much is left? Is the construction strong enough? For example, if you’re working on a wooden window frame, can it hold the window in place? If so, you can go to repair. If not, replace the entire item.

Removing old putty

Remove crushed putty with a chisel and only those fragments that easily fall off. Then clean the gap with a brush. Cover the glass and frame with painting tape, leaving a gap of 2 mm for a new filling. Apply sanitary acrylic.

Rot removal

After determining that the wood can be repaired, it is worth removing an additional layer of wood up to a centimeter thick. Thanks to this, you can be sure that only healthy material remains. Then clean the wood very thoroughly of all cleaning residues, dust, dust and debris. After sanding, clean the surface with a damp cloth, then wait for it to dry completely. If the rest of the wood was painted or stained, sand all surfaces, because the whole will still have to be painted or stained again.

Filling gaps in wood

The next stage of the repair plan is to apply wood filler. Choosing the right product will depend on how rotten the item is. If only small fragments are damaged – the maximum diameter of the nail head – a standard wood putty will probably suffice. If the area is larger, you will need a strong, professional, two-component wood putty. No matter what you are working on, use a spatula to shape the mass according to the piece of wood that you complete. This is the most important stage of any wood repair plan – make sure that the putty has cured properly and slightly protrudes above the wooden surface, because later you need to sand it.

Replacement of hinges

You can replace old rusty hinges with new ones. Hammer out the nails. Then gently pull the hinge with pliers.

Grinding, impregnating and applying topcoats

The final stage of the wooden element repair plan is to apply a protective measure so that decomposition will not proceed. Sand the putty to the level of the wood surface – first with medium grading paper, then fine. The completed fragment should be smooth and give the impression of being part of the original element. Remove all dust and do the same work as normal wood protection

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