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, Sash windows and windowsill cleaning, how to do it right

Good weather for cleaning sash windows

The sash windows are constantly exposed to destructive weather conditions. That is why washing them is not only a concern for aesthetics, but also a conservation procedure. Sash windows should be washed a minimum of 2-3 times a year. The optimum air temperature is 10-25 degrees Celsius. It is better to choose a less sunny day, because the rays quickly dry the sash windows, leaving streaks that are difficult to remove. Remember not to wash the sash windows also in frost, because then the glass is more delicate, fragile and may crack when in contact with warm water.

Window cleaning is not a complicated task. It’s enough to know proven ways to clean sash windows and not make common mistakes.

The most popular way to make shiny sash windows without streaks is to use glass cleaner and, optionally, paper towels, a cloth or a rubber squeegee. You can also use a modern vacuum cleaner for sash windows. A thorough window wipe should be sufficient. However, the final effect depends on the quality of the liquid, not all of them clean the glass equally well and it is worth remembering.
Instead of buying glass cleaner, you can use the dishwashing liquid present in every home. A small amount should be dissolved in a bowl of warm water and wiped the sash windows wet and then dry. It is thanks to thorough dry wiping that there are no streaks on the sash windows.

Ecological way for those who do not like to use home chemistry – a microfiber cloth and a bowl of water. Microfiber, thanks to its unique construction, copes without detergents with the most stubborn dirt and grease that sometimes appears on glass. As in the case of washing with washing up liquid, there are two stages here – wet washing and wiping dry.

A solution for shiny sash windows is also a solution of lemon juice and water – half a glass of juice per glass of water. Such washed sash windows will not only shine, they will also give the interior a pleasant – fresh smell.

2 teaspoons of vinegar per glass of water is another ecological way to clean sash windows. Contrary to common fears, vinegar will not make the flat smell hard to bear. The vinegar quickly weathers and its smell will cease to be felt after a few minutes. It is worth reaching for vinegar if the sash windows have not been washed for a long time.

Very dirty sash windows that resist traditional chemistry and ecological solutions need something extra. To dissolve difficult dirt, such a window should be smeared with linseed oil and left for one hour. Then clean the window with glass cleaner or dishwashing liquid.
The express solution is to use wet wipes for cleaning sash windows. Just wipe the window and let it dry. Works on moderately soiled sash windows.

Car owners are sure to have windscreen washer fluid in stock. It can also be used to clean sash windows. Windscreen washer fluids are great for urban dust, dust, and traces of encounters with insects. They also wash off dirt and dust from home sash windows. Their unquestionable advantage is giving sash windows the properties of car sash windows – dust settles more slowly and water flows down without stopping on the sash windows.

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