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, How to fix a squeaky door hinge, gaps, and more

Squeaking doors are a big problem in many homes. Fortunately, we know what to do to prevent the door from squeaking! We know perfectly well that a squeaking door is a problem for many people. During the day these not very pleasant noises are almost imperceptible, but at night the door squeaking can be bothersome.

Squeaking doors can be the bane of household members. To avoid this, just lubricate it well. To lubricate the door hinges you will need gerease and foil to protect the floor.

The squeak when opening the door usually comes from hinges. They were probably during assembly lubricated, but over time the grease loses its properties. In addition, dust and may get into the hinges moisture (e.g. in the door leading to the bathroom). Accordingly, when opening the door in hinges increase friction and, consequently, there are acoustic effects in the form of squeaking. We advise on how to cope with the squeaking of the door yourself and lubricate the hinges well.

What to grease the door with: grease, petroleum jelly and WD-40

We start the fight with squeaking by visiting the store. Get a hinge grease. It can be silicone oil or technical vaseline. These preparations are available in small packages and applied by squeezing – i.e. very convenient to use. We can also use popular means in aerosol, which are also available at gas stations.

Preparation for lubrication of hinges

To get inside the hinges, the door leaf must be raised so that they can slide apart. In order not to hold the sash during lubrication, a slat slides under it. Since dirty grease will be used, secure the floor under the door with a plastic sheet.

Door hinge lubrication comes down to 4 simple steps:

  • raising the door to open the hinges
  • applying lubricant into the resulting gap
  • wiping off excess grease if we put in too much oil and flowed down the hinges
  • lowering the door and making a few moves (close-open) to better spread the grease

Hinge lubrication can also be done without lifting the door, but then it is better to use preparations with
good penetrating properties, e.g. WD-40. Such lubritacion penetrate into the gaps much better, displace moisture, and after evaporation form a thin lubricating layer. A thin tube is usually included with the product packaging, so you can easily inject grease into hard-to-reach places.

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