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, Rain gutter cleaning and maintenance

Rain gutter cleaning and maintenance

Reviewing the gutter system

Reinforcement will work fine only if you ensure regular cleaning of the gutters and do not forget about their periodic maintenance. We advise on how to care for the gutter system so that it is unobstructed. You must also protect the gutters against ice, which in winter causes them to clog and can cause damage. Cleaning the gutters is very important, especially when the house has no eaves. Why? Because the non-drained gutter system, mounted next to the external wall, creates a greater risk of moisture than it is the case with the eaves significantly extended beyond the wall contour. In order for the gutters to effectively drain water from the roof, they should be under constant control. From time to time, you need to review them and carry out the necessary repairs and cleaning. Gutters can fall into various things that hinder rainwater drainage. This is most likely the case of a house standing among tall trees from which leaves, chestnuts, acorns fall, etc.

Gutter maintenance

To avoid damaging the facade, remember to regularly clean and check the condition of the gutter system – its tightness and stability of the fastening elements. This must not be underestimated, especially after winter, because freezing water or the weight of snow could cause gutter deformation, which usually results in leaks. The most common reasons for clogging of the gutter system are falling leaves and branch pieces. They can effectively clog the drain to the downpipe, which during heavy rainfall will result in overflow of water on the wall. The solution and protection against gutter clogging is the installation in the gutters of fine mesh, which will stop larger impurities. However, this must be planned at the design stage, because gutters with such protection should have a larger cross-section.

PVC gutters, zinc gutters or copper gutters are less likely to clog the leaves because they have a smoother surface. Steel gutters can become rough over the years, so they will be easier to plug. Another element worth considering are the gutter covers, which will prevent water from overflowing in places of its increased reception (e.g. in the corners of the roof, where water flows down from two adjacent slopes).

How to fix leaking gutters

Leaks most often appear on joints that are most exposed to deformation. These places can be protected with suitable sealants, which are easy to use and have excellent adhesion to the surface. Larger holes are eliminated differently. Those in gutters made of galvanized steel should be soldered. If the connection point is rusted, self-vulcanizing roofing tape is stuck from the outside and sealed with roofing silicone from the inside. Small holes caused by corrosion are also repaired. However, in the case of plastic gutters, in the case of glued elements, a piece cut out from another piece of the gutter is glued. In gutters connected with latches with a rubber gasket, check that the latch has not loosened, the gasket is properly fitted or not worn (this must be replaced with a new one). Old, cracked, damaged gutters (after several years are subject to natural wear) instead of repairing, it is better to replace them with new ones, because the repair may prove unprofitable.

Leakage in the gutter from plastic may also be caused by sliding the gutter out of the connector as a result of the material shrinking due to the cold. An incorrectly selected element should be replaced. In downpipes, leaks are most often caused by loosening of the clamps securing the pipes to the wall, which leads to the separation of vertical connections. It happens that the clamps are mounted in the wrong place and it is enough to improve their fastening so that the pipes stop leaking. Rust stains, after previous cleaning and degreasing, are painted with tin preparation or anticorrosive paint (galvanized surfaces) or with appropriate enamels (sheets coated with polyester). Deformed fasteners, hooks and other system components should be replaced. It is not difficult, all work should be done in accordance with the operating instructions.


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