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, Rules for installing windows. How to fasten and seal door frames?

Some teams install windows incorrectly. Window frames are not fastened with anchors or window is finished at the stage of foaming. This must be followed by further sealing of window from the outside and inside. Only such an assembly can be called full.

Matching frame to window opening

Width of window should be less than width of the jamb by about 1 in, and its height by 1-2 in. Thanks to this, we will get half inch wide gaps on the sides of the frame, and there will be little more at the top, if the correct sill threshold is inserted under the bottom sill of our window. When specialists are forced to significantly shoe wall or to underpin it, it is a visible sign that there was an error somewhere along the way: either measurement was wrong, dimensions were wrong, or no one had looked at the opening in the wall before. Either way, you are dealing with windows not up to your openings. So you can ask the supplier to replace them with the correct ones or change the sizes of the openings to make them fit windows you ordered.

Warm assembly of the door frame

Window must be given a solid base on which to stand its sill. The most common solution is to put a window on the edge of the wall, right in front of insulation zone. This is not the best way, but it allows window to be firmly supported without any additional expenditure. Under sill, under each of the vertical pillars of window, adjustable blocks are placed, which will allow for precise leveling of frame.

Blocks must not be wider than the threshold strip, as they remain here permanently and must not hinder the subsequent installation of window sills. On the sides, apart from the supporting blocks, spacer wedges are placed, thanks to which window is stabilized in vertical planes. frame is attached to the wall with anchors or dowels. If they are anchors, they are attached to frame before inserting window. Each anchor should be screwed to frame with a screw and then to the wall with two screws. window is attached to the wall along its entire perimeter. The best solution, however, is to embed window outside the wall, completely in the insulation zone. The main problem here is the use of such a support that will effectively take its own weight, transferring this force to the wall. You can use metal angles matched to the weight of window, wooden foundations made of square timber, plastic consoles.

Window sealing

The gaps around window must be filled with thermal insulation material and protected against any ingress of moisture from the inside, wind and water from the outside. In case of windows, insulation material is most often polyurethane foam, which expands, fills the entire space of gap and then hardens under the influence of moisture. Usually, after initial hardening of foam, the distance wedges are pulled out, and the holes after them must also be filled with foam. However, the support blocks must not be removed. Foaming is usually the last stage of work. This is a bug. The assembly does not stop there. The foam also needs to be protected with a vapor barrier layer from the inside of the room and a waterproof and vapor-permeable layer from the outside. You will need special tapes here: vapor barrier, vapor-permeable, expansion, multifunctional or silicone, acrylic, polymer sealants. It is important to follow the principle of “tighter inside than outside”.

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