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Draught proofing

Draught proofing

We often find draughts around windows, doors and loft hatches. It results in too much cold air entering your home. And too much heat leaving your home. See how we can help solve this problem for you and help make your home more energy efficient.

Controlled ventilation helps reduce condensation and damp, by letting fresh air in when needed. However, draughts are uncontrolled: they let in too much cold air and waste too much heat.

To draught-proof your home you should block up unwanted gaps that let cold air in and warm air out.

Saving warm air means you’ll use less energy to heat your home, so you’ll save money as well as making your home snug and pleasant.

We can help seal the draught around your:

  • sash windows
  • casement windows
  • doors – including keyholes and letterboxes

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