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Are you keen to preserve your period style windows? Speak to us about draught proofing, fixes to eradicate rattling glass panes, replacing sashes, balancing windows, lubricating the pulley system etc.

We live and breathe sash windows.

Here are some of the refurbishments that we can carry out for you.

  • Remove existing staff bead,
  • Remove lower sash,
  • Remove parting bead,
  • Remove upper sash,
  • Balance windows,
  • Lubricate the pulleys,
  • Fit new sash cords and hang upper sash,
  • Fit new parting bead, fitted with the brush-pile draught-proofing system,
  • Cut a rebate out of the meeting rail of the lower sash and fit the brush-pile draught-proofing system,
  • Seal all new beading with sealant,
  • Fit new polished brass sash lifts to each sash,
  • Fit new polished brass fastener to each sash,
  • Change the window furniture,
, Refurbishment

If you have any questions, please call: 0777 42 20 438