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Homeowners with old sash windows are faced with a conundrum. Draughty frames, single glazed glass that equals cold rooms in winter, rattling window panes, hard to move sashes. Sometimes, it might be easier to design and build new sash windows. Speak to us, to see how we can do this, whilst paying attention to the period style of your home.

We can make bespoke timber windows and doors to suit your property style and your specific requirements. Wooden frames enhance the look of your property and offer superior longevity with proper maintenance. Due to the nature of timber, they can be maintained and repaired more easily compared to their uPVC counterparts.

All our windows come with draught proofing. Double-glazed windows can also be supplied to increase energy efficiency as well as reduce outside noise. Our sashes can be supplied primed, fully painted or left as bare timber.

You can choose from one our types of timber, including Redwood (Treated softwood), Sapele (Hardwood) and Accoya.

If you have any questions, please call: 0777 42 20 438

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