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  • Toby

    aurita Jun, 01, 2020

    Fantastic service, quick start, timely completion, very good work and very good value. An excellent experience. Michal was a pleasure to have in my home,…

  • Amy Dyson

    aurita Mar, 04, 2020

    Really happy with my refurbished sash windows. They were in a real state and now look and function amazingly. Michal is incredibly hardworking and professional.…

  • Gaurav Chatley

    aurita Feb, 29, 2020

    Michal was very good and punctual. Would def hire him again.

  • Keith Jones


    Michal did an amazing job, my windows look like new. He was incredibly hard working, he cleaned up thoroughly after the job. I am 100%…

  • David Aswani

    aurita Sep, 30, 2019

    Repair Concrete Windowsills & Frames; Restore Windows Windows & Doors (Wooden) MD Sash Windows were fantastic. Their workmanship far exceeded my expectations and I would…

  • Annette

    aurita Aug, 30, 2019

    Michal repaired a whole front of severely damaged sash windows at my house and his work exceeded my expectations by far. He is a hard…

  • R&M


    Michal has carried out a variety of work for us: repairing, draught proofing and painting of sash windows and doors, restoration of garden furniture and…

  • Phil

    aurita Jun, 28, 2019

    The work Michal carried out far exceed expectations. Our back door was tired, damaged and in need of restoration. With the works complete, the door…

  • Alison Knight

    aurita May, 31, 2019

    Michal is an expert window repairer who does what he promises and does it very well. He works hard and does so in an organised…

  • Lucy Bains

    Lucy Bains

    aurita Apr, 27, 2019

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